think deep to find what kinds of feelings rules your life today.

Keep balance,
by live conciuos.


We, as human beigns, reached this far by relying in our feels.

Feels can be most commonly linked to Dreams, to Instict, to Faith or to Love, more than any other possible reasons.

The utopy for perfection, rely in Faith, something that’s key to humans to have.

And Faith is sometimes hard or impossible to validate in humanity and even individually.

Other kinds of intelligence, where mathemathics can lead to the validation of posibilities, are just complements to the human holistic development, and are easier to spread and adopt with confidence by the entire humanity; meanwhile, Feels are something more like a spark, that starts the path or interest to develop any topic.

We as humans or race, needs to move forward in any direction, technology should be consider as a our child, our creation, extension, or simple as a gift… which helps keep these feels on track, not as a fake source for these feelings.

‘You know my methods, Watson.’
Sherlock Holmes
The Crooked Man
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
by Maya Angelou